Branded Content: What is it? And why do we need to integrate it in our branding strategy?

We live in a constantly changing marketplace full of advertising. There is no physical or digital space which, at this point, does not want to impact us with a message. As a result, the audience is saturated, turning into solutions such as ad blockers or simply ignoring the surrounding messages.

In the meantime, the advertiser has to find new ways to connect with the target audience. Branded content is an efficient response, which delivers persuasive and original messages to audiences in order to generate brand, product or service recall. In this post, we tell you about their benefits and some examples to inspire you for your next campaign.

¿What is branded content

It is a marketing method which consists in creating content linked to a brand, product or service, which connects with an audience based on values and intangible qualities, rather than focusing on the direct sale of a product or service.

It is a concept that connects through brand awareness and added value. It seeks to generate awareness and engagement, rather than direct sales or conversions. The key metrics to measure the success of an action of this type are usually the KPIs related to awareness and the number of mentions that occur as a result of this action.

It is a technique that makes use of storytelling, as it tries to connect with emotions through representative stories that generate memories in the spectator, either because of its characters or stories. Its flexibility allows it to find different formats and diffusion channels, as well as making use of a variety of resources for its creation.

 What is NOT branded content?

Over the years, this marketing technique has been confused with other related methods, such as content marketing, traditional advertising, native formats or product placement. This is due to its recent concept, which can lead to confusion.

  • Compared to conventional advertising, it is not an invasive marketing technique, and it does not focus on a product or service per se. The brand may appear in branded content; however, it is not the main focus, the content is based on the brand’s values and story.
  • The same thing happens with content marketing, that is a strategy that encompasses all types of content created by the brand, while branded content is a specific type of content. In other words, there can be a branded content on a content marketing strategy.
  • While branded content has been conceived to promote the values and intangible qualities of the brand, using an infinite number of resources and formats, the main task of Native Ads consists of inserting advertising in editorial content, exclusively conquering the existing audience in that medium and seeking to give notoriety to a brand, product or service.
  • Product placement is a more explicit technique, with the product or service to be sold appearing directly and passively. Unlike branded content, it does not use storytelling and the content may not refer to the values of the brand or product.

The benefits of Branded Content for your brand, product, or service:

Branded content is an effective marketing technique for those actions that are intended to generate a connection with the audience, generating emotions and sensations that will later be related to the product, service, or brand to be promoted.

Given its nature, which wants to entertain rather than sell, it can generate a certain virality with its content. This will potentially help brand positioning, relating brand values positively with the audience and generating loyalty through emotion.

At SomosSapiens we are aware that the use of different marketing techniques and innovative proposals will allow us to reach our target audience, generating campaigns with maximum coverage, impact and notoriety. With this, we provide a quality service and the necessary impulse for the visibility of each proposed message.