Brand launch campaign in Spain


BYD (Build Your Dreams), an electric car specialist and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of new energy vehicles, launched its new range of 100% electric vehicles in Europe, with Spain being the country chosen to activate the first advertising campaign.

BYD started its commercialization in our country with the first two Pioneer Stores in Madrid and Barcelona, and throughout 2023 has been extending its network in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Canary Islands, Malaga and Seville.

The communication objectives were focused on generating brand and product awareness and, not least, to fix in the consumer’s mind the values of quality, technology, and innovation of a leading brand in its category.

From a business point of view, the campaign had to accelerate the generation of qualified leads for the brand’s dealer network.


A 100% digital brandformace campaign that, working on consideration and conversion, allowed us to build brand awareness and notoriety and direct traffic to the landings of the dealerships with the aim of generating leads (test drive).

On the one hand, we carried out a combination of branding actions that allowed us to achieve high brand recognition and helped to position BYD AUTO’s differential values. On the other hand, performance-oriented actions activating the most efficient channels aimed at generating qualified traffic and leads. Always working with an audience strategy in order to refine the impact and results of the campaign.


All campaign kPIs were met and exceeded, increasing campaign visibility and reach by 20%, landing consideration and traffic by 30% and leads (test drive) collected by platform by 20%.