Dining Scholarship Campaign


Educo is an NGO that works in 14 countries for the welfare and rights of children, especially the right to receive a quality education. One of its initiatives is the “Lunchroom Grants”, which for the past 10 years have been providing the most vulnerable children with at least one complete and nutritious meal a day, both during the school year and in the summer. Let us not forget that 1.5 million families with underage children live in poverty. This means that many children in Spain cannot go to the school canteen because their families cannot afford the cost. Educo offers scholarships for those who are left without public aid. This initiative also helps to prevent school absenteeism.

The client’s objective was to raise awareness about the importance of summer lunchroom scholarships. When school closes, 1 in 3 children and adolescents are not guaranteed a meal a day.

The campaign objective and main challenge was to maximize the visibility of the campaign on the target audience (mainly Women +45 years old and middle and upper-middle classes) by raising awareness of EDUCO and the Lunchroom Scholarships. We had to generate maximum reach, selecting the optimal channels and formats to generate the desired impact.


A branding campaign capable of generating maximum coverage and notoriety for the “Dining Scolarship”. Working in the upper stages of the funnel, we activated a mix of actions with a clear awareness objective. Specifically: Brandays/Brandweek, Influence Marketing, Branded Content, Brand Article, Blast Viewability, Audio on-line, push notificactions and DOOH.


Communication KPI objectives were exceeded with +80% of impressions over planned and +35% over estimated clicks.