Promotion of the Spanish agri-food sector in times of COVID. “The richest country in the world”

SomosSapiens Internationalist Awards
Alimentos de España

The “Food from Spain” campaign had two main objectives:

– To promote the Spanish agri-food sector by highlighting the work of farmers, livestock breeders and fishermen. To respond, after the crisis situation generated by COVID 19, to the urgent needs of a sector considered essential.

– Generate a climate of confidence among citizens regarding the correct functioning of the food supply.


SomosSapiens promoted the message through a comprehensive and innovative media strategy in terms of initiatives and formats.

Special actions played an important role, especially the one to turn Food from Spain into the last spot of the year, a key moment of consumption and recalling the main message of the campaign, to be the richest country in the world


The results of the campaign exceeded the notoriety objectives set, generating the positivism and pride of belonging that was sought.

All the good work carried out resulted in recognition from the advertising sector, such as the GOLD award at the 13th edition of the “Internationalist Awards” in New York, a competition that recognises the most innovative international campaigns, and a SILVER award at the “Best in Food” awards, a festival that rewards the most prestigious campaigns in the food sector.