In Spain we call it igualdad

Ministerio de Igualdad
Ministerio de Igualdad

The general aim of this advertising campaign of the Ministry of Equality is to combat stereotypes and gender roles that link the performance of domestic and care tasks to women; to promote co-responsibility within families, as well as public policy support for care tasks in order to achieve an effective reconciliation of personal, work and family life.

The challenge is to generate as much visibility as possible to raise awareness in Spanish society that feminism is for everyone and that assimilating it makes us a better country.


The design and activation of a multimedia media strategy based on television, graphic media, radio, outdoor, cinema and a wide mix of digital disciplines.

All media actions were based on conventional advertising and different special and innovative proposals, in order to achieve maximum coverage, effectiveness and notoriety.


Improvement of all the qualitative objectives initially set by the client. The media strategy boosted the creative concept and made the campaign one of the most notorious of the moment.