Opening and pre-registration campaigns

Forus gimnasios

Forus is a national company dedicated to the construction or rehabilitation of municipal sports centers and their subsequent management.

Forus’ strategy was based on two pillars: To turn Forus into a place of reference for sports, leisure and health and to continue with the brand’s expansion process.

We faced the challenge of activating campaigns to open and reactivate centres at the local level. The specific objective: To increase brand awareness, transmit its differential value and attract members (pre-registrations).


We worked on the media strategy for openings and recruitment for existing centres in Alcalá, Badajoz, Cádiz, Córdoba, Huelva, Jaén, Jerez, Madrid, Málaga and Murcia, through a BrandFormance strategy of proximity combining off and on media.

The media mix used for each campaign included Radio, Outdoor (Metro, Buses, Marquees, Billboards, flyers), Press, Mailing, Search, Display and Social Paid. Always considering the area of influence of the center within a radius of no more than 20-25 minutes by car.


For each campaign, thanks to the work of hyper-segmentation of the target audience, the estimated results of targeted leads, social engagement and, most importantly, pre-registrations were improved.