Promotions of housing, premises, warehouses, offices and land


Altamira doValue Group is the leading servicer in the Spanish market in the comprehensive management of financial and real estate assets. Its mission is to accompany its clients throughout the entire asset life cycle with a comprehensive service and specialized teams. One of the services is the sale of the different real estate assets, where the communication and promotion of these assets plays a fundamental role.

The challenge we face is the quantitative and qualitative generation of leads for the sale of the assets. As a secondary goal, brand awareness and the brand values (responsibility, efficiency, collaboration and leadership).


For the communication of each of the different housing developments, premises, warehouses, offices or land, we design and activate digital media strategies due to their capacity for segmentation and return, always accompanied by outdoor proximity media strategies, radio and special actions.


Multichannel media campaigns have become the biggest lead generators. In the last year, the process of data analysis and campaign optimization has reduced the average CPL by more than 25%.