Recruitment of students beyond the BA Degree.

CUNEF University

CUNEF has great projection and historical relevance in the world of business and banking. This has been transferred with great success to its BA Degree, which currently occupies a large part of the University’s applications and students.

The Client’s objective is to redirect ADE applicants towards “nearby” alternatives (International Studies) and to generate demand towards the polytechnic area (Computer Engineering, AI, Data Science, etc).

Prioritizing the geographical area of Madrid, the core target are decision makers (potential students/parents), influencers (friends) and prescribers (family environment).


Design of a 100% digital BrandFormance strategy, identifying those channels that best fit the timing of the campaign, objectives and considering the conversion funnel.

Selected channels: SEM, Social Media, Programmatic, Branded Content, Push Notifications and Influence MKT.

In addition, within each channel we will use the platforms and strategies that have the greatest capacity to mobilize action for each of the specific “buyer personas”.


Maximum reach objectives were exceeded with 29M views, a +16% increase in visits to the landing page and an increase of 12% over the initial estimated leads.