MediaSapiens: Agencia Tributaria’s media agency

Media Sapiens: agencia de medios de la Agencia Tributaria

MediaSapiens, we have been selected by the Tax Agency for the diffusion of its institutional campaigns in different advertising media. 

Awareness and social consciousness campaigns

These campaigns, carried out by the Agencia Tributaria, are aimed at raising awareness of the need to comply with tax obligations.  They are intended to generate social awareness of the importance of complying with tax obligations for the welfare of the population. At the same time, they seek to facilitate compliance with the payment of such obligations.

The planned campaigns also aim to provide information regarding the aid of 200 euros, to which some people can benefit, indicating the deadlines for potential beneficiaries to request them.

These actions will last approximately until the end of 2023 and will be implemented in three different waves. They will be addressed to the Spanish population, except for the Basque Country and Navarre.

The dissemination of these campaigns will consist of a wide mix of multimedia and digital channels, ranging from television to social networks. The fusion between conventional advertising and special and innovative proposals will allow maximum coverage, effectiveness and notoriety.