Sapiens CTV. Connect with your audience while watching TV.

Sapiens CTV

Discover the new solution that we have developed at SomosSapiens for connected TV advertising and activate it in your communication strategy. 

Connect with your audience while watching TV with Sapiens CTV.

Digitalization has changed the way we watch television. Now platforms and devices are multiplying. The contents are not moved by general grid but by personal one; Each person chooses the content they want to see and when they want to watch it. 

According to a study by the IAB, 90% of Internet users consume audiovisual content on television connected through the internet. Whether it’s on Smart TV, set top boxes like Chromecast, or on mobile devices, this new way of watching TV multiplies the possibilities of reaching a massive and qualified audience. 

This makes connected TV a fundamental discipline for campaigns with impact objectives such as notoriety or brand awareness

We show you how you can connect with your audience while watching TV with our Sapiens CTV solution.

What is Sapiens CTV?

Sapiens CTV is an ad solution, which we have developed at SomosSapiens, which connects brands with their audiences in the digital audiovisual ecosystem. At Sapiens CTV we integrate the different TV activations (linear and digital) generating maximum impact. 

Benefits of including Sapiens CTV in your communication strategy

  • Premium placements increase the visibility of your campaigns. The audience stops and sees what they’re really interested in. Sapiens CTV increases the visibility of messages by adapting to the user. 
  • The variety of formats grows and adapts to the needs of the audience. Sapiens CTV analyzes and understands the behavior of profiles and matches activations to viewing moments and content.

Sapiens CTV: Connected TV solutions adapted to your needs and communication objectives

Through Sapiens CTV we offer three different connected TV advertising solutions that adapt to your communication needs and objectives. These three types of solutions are:

  • Sapiens Visibility: Our Sapiens TV solution for campaigns that require brand awareness and recall.
  • Sapiens Affinity:  Impact your target audience among the entire connected TV audience based on their affinity points.
  • Sapiens Interactivity: Get answers from your target through interaction formats.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your audience, contact us and find out about Sapiens CTV. And make your campaigns connect.