The podcast in spanish: Get to know all the benefits of this multi-area audio

Podcast in spanish

Since 2022, the podcast in Spanish has been in constant growth, due to its multi-area characteristics. With the return to the routine after the pandemic, the integration of a format that can be consumed at any time which provides valuable content has become the differential advantage for its consumption.

Knowing and understanding the consumption and production habits of podcasting in spanish is an important task for media professionals. Currently, the profile of the Spanish listener of this format is growing exponentially, and it is essential to monitor the evolution of the podcast in order to get the most out of it as an advertising channel.

In this article, we will tell you about all their benefits and what is their level of influence in order to the insertion of advertisements.

Let’s get to know our listener a bit…

As we can see in this infographic, the audience for podcast consumption is mostly men between the ages of 45-54.

The country where podcasting in spanish has grown the most is Spain, allowing the user to listen to the podcast while doing other activities.

Trends in content topics and audience loyalty to creators

Current affairs and lifestyle topics are the most listened by the Spanish-speaking audience, followed by series, documentaries and the True Crime genre.

Support for content creators is growing, with 57.3% willing to pay, 48.52% would pay a subscription to exclusive content, and 95% renewing on a monthly basis.

Podcast advertising

In 2021, advertising investment in digital audio increased by 62.6% compared to the previous year. This is partly due to the advantages offered by advertising within this format, which makes it a great working tool for advertisers.

“Podcasts are the best medium for advertisers, because it’s a format that forms and forges a connection with listeners uniquely compared to other formats.”

                  –  Xavier “X” Jerningan, host of “The Get Up”
According to Sonic Science, Spotify’s study with Neuro-Insight, a research company, generates an analysis of how different types of podcasts affect mood and in turn, the influence of multi-area audio on the audience.

The benefits of this advertising model focus on the influence and brand recall that the advertiser can obtain through this format:

1. It creates a high-impact emotional bond: It reaches the public in a direct and intimate way, as well as being launched at the moment of maximum attention of the user. As a result, objective listening rates are high.

2. Omnipresence: The versatility of being able to listen to podcasts at any time allows listening to the audio with the screen locked or even when offline.

3. More detailed segmentation: The target audience can be segmented according to the type of podcast they listen to, taking into account interests, location, gender or age.

Dynamic advertising insertions

Another factor to take into consideration is the possibility of dynamically inserting advertising within the podcast. 64% of listeners are annoyed by advertisements when playing an episode, being a less invasive strategy and, sometimes more personal, to integrate the mention of a product or brand within the episode.

The Branded Podcast is a strategy in which brands can develop creativity, linking their values with those of the podcast. This is done through mentions, reviews or dedicated episodes by the podcaster.

Pre-roll is another alternative. This is synchronised with a banner and link, without interfering with the transmission of the content. With it, we insert the ad before a podcast or digital streaming, the optimum moment where the user has maximum attention.

Also, in the last year, there has been a trend to generate branded podcasts. This corporate content is a strategy for brands to engage their audience and contribute to their community.
At SomosSapiens we know the importance of keeping up to date with the latest trends and knowing how audiences consume in order to always offer strategies of maximum coverage, effectiveness and notoriety to exceed the objectives set and provide a quality service that gives the necessary impulse to the clients who trust us.

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