3 Tips to Promote Your Brand on Father’s Day

3 consejos para promocionar tu marca el día del padre

No more socks and colognes! 

The typical gifts for parents have long since become obsolete. The same goes for marketing strategies. Why not make a hybrid, experiential and shareable action? 

In this post, we propose three tips to promote your brand on Father’s Day.

First of all, we must make it clear that not all brands, services or products are intended for parents. If they are not part of our target, making a special promotion for them will not make sense. So before we jump like crazy into any action, we must consider what our goal is and who we want to target.

Once we are clear that doing a marketing action on Father’s Day is appropriate for our target  audience, we must devise a campaign that represents our brand, product or service and connects with our audience.

Here are three tips for promoting your brand on Father’s Day:

Create fun and emotional content

If these types of dates are useful to us, it  is for our  target to  connect with our brand, product or service. When we carry out special marketing actions for parents and families, we are winking at them to connect with them emotionally and thus position ourselves in their Top Of Mind. 

The key is to find that content that makes them smile and blush, that they feel identified with and/or inspired by. A story that is tender and funny and also represents the values of the brand. If we achieve this goal, we will not only connect with our target, but we will also get them to interact with the brand and keep it in their heads.

Create a Special Promo Pack

It doesn’t matter if your brand offers a product or service, if your target audience includes fathers, you can create a special promotion with discounts during the dates around Father’s Day to promote your brand, products or services and get sales. 

Bring together those services or products that fathers can most identify with, or are most attracted to, in a discounted promotional pack, and publicize the offer before Father’s Day. In this way, couples, children and even parents themselves will be able to see the pack and think of it as a gift.

Create a  specific landing page that consumers can reach through different channels such as search engines, newsletters and emailing, and social networks. Thus, in addition to highlighting the promotion, it will be easy to find it and will make it easier to buy or contract the service. 

Remember that this is a special offer; If your business is brick-and-mortar, leave a space to put all these products together in the special promotion. 

And, of course, enhance the visibility of this special promotion with advertising campaigns in off and on media

Raffle a shared experience

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate as a family. No matter how nagging they are, in the end they love to enjoy moments with their loved ones. Do a giveaway on social media by giving away an activity to do with the family. In this way, those close to them can give them a gift or they can celebrate their day in a special way. Accompany the giveaway with a hashtag so that the users who participate can share it on social media and thus make the action viral.

This type of action will enhance your visibility, allow you to interact with your audience, build customer loyalty and create a connection with them.

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