Three social media trends of the year 2023

Since they arrived, social networks came to stay. They have become a channel of communication, inspiration, and even a platform to buy products and services.

The use of social media has been mutating in such a way that the platforms have been adapted to the needs of consumers. These needs must be analyzed and understood in order to create effective content and advertising strategies across the multiple social platforms.

In this post, we tell you about the social media trends of 2023 so that you can include them in your digital strategy:

 AI is not an enemy, but a tool

Since Artificial Intelligence began to be used in 2022, there has been an unexpected change which has caused a large amount of insecurities in the professional marketing sector. According to the study conducted by Hootsuite, Social Trends 2024, interest in learning about AI has increased by 550%, with social media marketers being among this percentage.

Is Artificial Intelligence really a threat? No. However, it is a tool that can help social media professionals to optimize processes and tasks. By the end of 2024 it could be more common to use it for text editing, image enhanced or even providing customer service; but never to replace the human being, as the social media user values authenticity in content.

According to the study conducted by The Pew Research Center in 2022, the more grown-up your community is, the more it will value the authenticity of content. Generation Z, for example, claims to be able to recognize which content is created by AI and which is created by a real person, and is also more likely to trust and engage with AI-created content. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, are the opposite: it is more difficult for them to differentiate which content is created by AI and which is not, so they trust and engage less. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to know your community to determine what tasks you can perform with AI, otherwise it could have a negative effect.

In a universe full of social networks, focus on the ones that will help you achieve your goals

It is not about being everywhere, it is about being where your audience is.  Therefore, you should prioritize those social networks where you can meet the objectives set out in your strategy.

Currently, a Social Media professional must maintain the presence of a brand in an average of seven social networks, where they must perform the common tasks of this role such as: developing strategies, creating content, analyzing results, responding to comments and executing advertising campaigns.

For this simple reason, the strategy must focus on time optimization and optimal fulfillment of objectives.  The ROI (Return Of Investment) of the channels and actions must be considered and include in the strategies at social platforms that generate conversion and help us proactively to achieve the established objectives.

An example of this is the popularity of WhatsApp and its effectiveness as a business social network. Given its proximity, it allows to generate a relationship based on trust and proximity that, for some business models, fits perfectly.

According to the IAB Spain study: Social Networking Study 2023, Whatsapp is one of the social networks most frequently used by users. A platform that users relate to communication and swiftness. This can also be seen in the study conducted by Hootsuite, Social Trends 2024, which considers it as one of the social networks that generate more trust in the user.

 Selling means giving the users what they ask for

The social media paradigm is constantly shifting, bringing new platforms and functions around them. Therefore, the social media professional must know the tone and dynamics with which they can connect with their target audience according to the platform they are on.

X is used to stay informed, TikTok to have fun, Instagram to show their lifestyle… And so, each social network has a premise, that social media professionals must adapt their content to attract the user.

If there is one major trend that continues across all platforms, it is the need to give the user the content they are asking for. As a reward, not only will you get their attention and interest, but you will build a relationship of affinity, trust, and the eventual desire to become a customer.

At SomosSapiens we know that the use of diverse marketing techniques is essential to connect with the audience. We include them in our campaigns. In addition, innovative proposals allow us to reach our target audience, generating effective strategies. With this, we provide a quality service and the necessary impulse for the visibility of brands and services.

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