Roberto Barroso new SomosSapiens

At SomosSapiens we are always looking for talent. Talent with a solid foundation, enthusiasm, and ambition to grow and take on new and big projects. Roberto Barroso (ex WPP) is that kind of talent.  And we are delighted to have him join SomosSapiens as the group’s new Trading and Operations Director.

In his last stage he held the position of Head of Trading Director at GroupM, where he has had the opportunity to work with the different media agencies belonging to WPP and its entire client portfolio.

After years linked to agencies and the multinational group, Barroso comments that “SomosSapiens is the perfect agency to open a new professional stage and a great opportunity to continue growing professionally. Undoubtedly, it will be a challenge to bring my professional experience both in the trading and operations part, as well as a comprehensive vision of the means to provide valuable solutions for our clients, with a clear objective of reinforcing their growth in the market.”

Barroso will bring all his experience and talent to SomosSapiens in a year where we have managed to consolidate our position within  the TOP3 of the best valued independent agencies and with very ambitious growth objectives.
Our CEO, Guillermo Hernandez, points out that “After a very exhaustive and thoughtful process, with excellent and talented candidates, we have managed to convince Roberto to join the project and we are sure that he will bring us a qualitative value and a very powerful leap in reputation for the agency, in a year with many business objectives to achieve“.

Five digital marketing strategies for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and marketing are closely related. This special date is a sales revolution for many businesses; for example, Spain has surpassed 8 million digital searches in the last three years.

We know it’s almost impossible to not make an appearance on that day; nevertheless, it’s important to stand out from the crowd of messages. To make your Valentine’s Day campaign a success, we recommended five marketing strategies, all of which should start weeks before the big day. It is also important to give an emotional value to the message we spread. Selling the experience that the buyer is going to live on the day of love is quite relevant.

In this article, we will recommend five Valentine’s Day marketing strategies that every marketer should know.

1. For a blog: Make a content with giveaway ideas…. Don’t forget to include your product or service!  

A marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day could be a specific content for the date. Potential buyers may feel a little indecisive about the gift experience they want to buy on this special date, being the moment for your brand to appear, and provide the solution.

For example, you can make a guide about activities or gifts for the date. Be sure to include your product or service so buyers can purchase it with a single click.

2. For E-commerce: Offer Valentine’s Day sales

Make your customers fall in love this Valentine’s Day with a special offer, customized for the occasion. You can also add special advantages for the purchase of your product or service: free shipping, an additional gift or even give away the packaging.

Another recommendation to achieve success on sales is optimizing your product data in accordance with the newest traffic trends of the moment. considering our customer sector and finding sell opportunities. Also, it is important to take into account cross-selling, that’s because, making a specific collection of valentine’s giveaways, increasing the average of order value of the purchases.

3. For Social Media: Why don’t you make a special action for Valentine’s Day?

Launching a contest or a giveaway related to February 14 is an action that allows you to provide the number of uses, in addition to providing greater visibility to your brand on social media channels, and with that more sales opportunities.

Take advantage of the opportunity for visibility and brand awareness that social media strategies brings with them. You can play a little with your avatar or cover in profiles, putting specific creativities for this date and playing with your logo and image for your audience. Of course, this action will depend largely on the values of your brand or business.

4. For the loyal customers: An email marketing campaign! 

E-mail is a very effective way to get your promotions to former customers or users interested in your products or services.

For this strategy to be effective, it is recommended to create a landing page specific to the date, showing exclusive promotions of the season and generating content related to Valentine’s Day gifts.

5. For content creators: Viral videos in YouTube and TikTok

YouTube and TikTok are the entertainment kings, being the ideal platforms for content creators to share vlogs or tutorial videos on gift ideas and other Valentine’s Day activities.

Since its appearance, influencer marketing has become a great tool to give more visibility to products and services. Among the Top 5 categories of branded videos are electronics, food, beauty, automobiles, and fashion brands.

BONUS: Single people also celebrate Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about them!

Singles are a species that still endures, and we can’t forget them, ¡and that’s why we celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship! Remember to take into account this audience segment for your campaigns, even organizing special actions for them.
At SomosSapiens, we are aware that the use of diverse marketing techniques is fundamental to connect with right audiences. With this, we achieve our objectives with innovative strategies that allow us to provide an exclusive, quality service that takes into account all existing business opportunities for brands.