SomosSapiens, Habitissimo’s media agency

The agency will manage the launch campaign that aims to raise awareness of the digital platform for finding professionals for home renovations and home services.

SomosSapiens, we have been selected by Habitissimo to design and manage the media strategy for the new launch campaign of the digital platform in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Habitissimo, owned by HomeServe, is a marketplace that was launched in 2009 in Spain and expanded to Portugal, Italy and some regions of South America. The brand’s strategy is focused on helping homeowners easily find quality professionals in the renovation and repair sector.

The objective of the campaign is to increase brand awareness and attract quality professionals. In this case, the agency has come up with an innovative radio strategy to promote a very notorious creative idea.

The awarding of the campaign took place after the pitch carried out by Habitissimo during the month of July, in which the most weighted evaluation criteria were the team, the comprehensive strategic vision of the media and the data analysis for the monitoring and optimization of the campaign’s KPIs.
For Guillermo Hernandez, CEO of SomosSapiens:It is tremendously satisfying that a company like Habitissimo has chosen us as their media partner to launch their new communication strategy in three different markets. A challenge that will allow us to demonstrate our capacity as well as to enhance a differential creative concept by coordinating a BrandFormance strategy in three different markets.

Branded Content: What is it? And why do we need to integrate it in our branding strategy?

We live in a constantly changing marketplace full of advertising. There is no physical or digital space which, at this point, does not want to impact us with a message. As a result, the audience is saturated, turning into solutions such as ad blockers or simply ignoring the surrounding messages.

In the meantime, the advertiser has to find new ways to connect with the target audience. Branded content is an efficient response, which delivers persuasive and original messages to audiences in order to generate brand, product or service recall. In this post, we tell you about their benefits and some examples to inspire you for your next campaign.

¿What is branded content

It is a marketing method which consists in creating content linked to a brand, product or service, which connects with an audience based on values and intangible qualities, rather than focusing on the direct sale of a product or service.

It is a concept that connects through brand awareness and added value. It seeks to generate awareness and engagement, rather than direct sales or conversions. The key metrics to measure the success of an action of this type are usually the KPIs related to awareness and the number of mentions that occur as a result of this action.

It is a technique that makes use of storytelling, as it tries to connect with emotions through representative stories that generate memories in the spectator, either because of its characters or stories. Its flexibility allows it to find different formats and diffusion channels, as well as making use of a variety of resources for its creation.

 What is NOT branded content?

Over the years, this marketing technique has been confused with other related methods, such as content marketing, traditional advertising, native formats or product placement. This is due to its recent concept, which can lead to confusion.

  • Compared to conventional advertising, it is not an invasive marketing technique, and it does not focus on a product or service per se. The brand may appear in branded content; however, it is not the main focus, the content is based on the brand’s values and story.
  • The same thing happens with content marketing, that is a strategy that encompasses all types of content created by the brand, while branded content is a specific type of content. In other words, there can be a branded content on a content marketing strategy.
  • While branded content has been conceived to promote the values and intangible qualities of the brand, using an infinite number of resources and formats, the main task of Native Ads consists of inserting advertising in editorial content, exclusively conquering the existing audience in that medium and seeking to give notoriety to a brand, product or service.
  • Product placement is a more explicit technique, with the product or service to be sold appearing directly and passively. Unlike branded content, it does not use storytelling and the content may not refer to the values of the brand or product.

The benefits of Branded Content for your brand, product, or service:

Branded content is an effective marketing technique for those actions that are intended to generate a connection with the audience, generating emotions and sensations that will later be related to the product, service, or brand to be promoted.

Given its nature, which wants to entertain rather than sell, it can generate a certain virality with its content. This will potentially help brand positioning, relating brand values positively with the audience and generating loyalty through emotion.

At SomosSapiens we are aware that the use of different marketing techniques and innovative proposals will allow us to reach our target audience, generating campaigns with maximum coverage, impact and notoriety. With this, we provide a quality service and the necessary impulse for the visibility of each proposed message.

MediaSapiens, the media agency for the “Agenda Digital” campaign

MediaSapiens has been in charge of the management of services and the purchase of spaces in the media and other advertising for the latest campaign of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation (MINECO), “dissemination and visibility of the Digital Agenda Spain 2026”.

The aim of this campaign was to provide visibility to the opportunities and calls of interest for companies and the self-employed within the Digital Agenda Spain 2026. As a result, we encourage both to find out about the Agenda and to inform all the available funds, contributing to the optimal use of the Agenda.

The campaign ended last month, running in two phases, from March to April and from September to October. It was distributed through television, radio, press, outdoor advertising and a wide mix of digital channels. It was aimed at all citizens, with an emphasis on the public belonging to companies (medium, small and micro enterprises) as well as the self-employed.

The adjudication of this contract took place within the current Framework Agreement 2020, which has the objective of managing all institutional advertising campaigns. MediaSapiens has been one of the companies that has managed to offer the best proposals according to the different parameters and evaluation criteria, both quantitative and qualitative, of the participating agencies.

Offline media planning: What is the difference between audience and coverage?

Advertising is not an unplanned action. The picture given by Mad Men-style TV series, where companies try their chances and take a risk, is nothing more than a mistake.

Every marketing action requires strategic planning, which follows communication objectives that, in turn, are guided by business objectives. Therefore, it is essential to measure the results obtained, in addition to having a broad knowledge of the meaning of each of the metrics, as each one collaborates with the fulfillment of the suggested objectives.

What is offline planning and do they still have advertising influence?

These are traditional promotional marketing actions, which are carried out outside the online environment. Their action is of a massive nature, and although the appearance of local media or media referring to a topic allows for a certain segmentation, their reach is focused on a collective action, especially if we compare it with the influence of digital media campaigns.

These media include the press, magazines, Out of Home (OOH), radio and television. The latter continues to take up a large part of users’ free time, with prime time being the time when the greatest coverage is achieved and where marketing actions can achieve great success and an excellent return on investment.

On this post, we tell you a little bit about the most used metrics at offline planning, what are their benefits and how to determine their level of influence in relation to the advertising insertion.

Coverage in Offline Advertising: The Total Universe

Coverage or reach is the percentage of users belonging to a target audience impacted at least once by the campaign.

This metric takes into consideration whether a person has been able to see the same campaign more than once, being an indicator that leads us to the first step of message recognition and visibility. However, it does not determine the relevance of the advertising campaign, only the number of users exposed to it.

The audience of offline advertising: Who has been interacting with the advertising action?

The audience has a significant role to play in the analysis of the target and the effect of the message within it. This indicator refers to the number of individuals who declare to come into contact with a medium or support during a given period of time. 

This type of estimation is indispensable for tactical decision making, both in the planning process and in the media buying process. 

The purpose of this indicator is to determine the number of individuals who may consider an advertising action relevant, and there are different types of audiences to determine the different types of impacts.

The importance of integrating a broad mix of online and offline advertising media:

Over the years and with the advent of new trends, offline advertising has shown that it is not going to disappear. Times change, but that does not mean that traditional media are obsolete. They are adapting, they have even redefined their function, becoming more relevant within the advertising landscape.

The most recommended strategy is to merge both online and offline fields, collaborating in the same direction and meeting similar objectives. At SomosSapiens, we know the benefits of integrating a varied mix of media in both online and offline advertising, offering 360º strategies that seek to achieve the objectives set. 

With this type of proposals, we offer campaigns with maximum coverage, effectiveness and notoriety that allow us to provide a quality service and the necessary boost to the brands that have placed their trust in us.

The podcast in spanish: Get to know all the benefits of this multi-area audio

Since 2022, the podcast in Spanish has been in constant growth, due to its multi-area characteristics. With the return to the routine after the pandemic, the integration of a format that can be consumed at any time which provides valuable content has become the differential advantage for its consumption.

Knowing and understanding the consumption and production habits of podcasting in spanish is an important task for media professionals. Currently, the profile of the Spanish listener of this format is growing exponentially, and it is essential to monitor the evolution of the podcast in order to get the most out of it as an advertising channel.

In this article, we will tell you about all their benefits and what is their level of influence in order to the insertion of advertisements.

Let’s get to know our listener a bit…

As we can see in this infographic, the audience for podcast consumption is mostly men between the ages of 45-54.

The country where podcasting in spanish has grown the most is Spain, allowing the user to listen to the podcast while doing other activities.

Trends in content topics and audience loyalty to creators

Current affairs and lifestyle topics are the most listened by the Spanish-speaking audience, followed by series, documentaries and the True Crime genre.

Support for content creators is growing, with 57.3% willing to pay, 48.52% would pay a subscription to exclusive content, and 95% renewing on a monthly basis.

Podcast advertising

In 2021, advertising investment in digital audio increased by 62.6% compared to the previous year. This is partly due to the advantages offered by advertising within this format, which makes it a great working tool for advertisers.

“Podcasts are the best medium for advertisers, because it’s a format that forms and forges a connection with listeners uniquely compared to other formats.”

                  –  Xavier “X” Jerningan, host of “The Get Up”
According to Sonic Science, Spotify’s study with Neuro-Insight, a research company, generates an analysis of how different types of podcasts affect mood and in turn, the influence of multi-area audio on the audience.

The benefits of this advertising model focus on the influence and brand recall that the advertiser can obtain through this format:

1. It creates a high-impact emotional bond: It reaches the public in a direct and intimate way, as well as being launched at the moment of maximum attention of the user. As a result, objective listening rates are high.

2. Omnipresence: The versatility of being able to listen to podcasts at any time allows listening to the audio with the screen locked or even when offline.

3. More detailed segmentation: The target audience can be segmented according to the type of podcast they listen to, taking into account interests, location, gender or age.

Dynamic advertising insertions

Another factor to take into consideration is the possibility of dynamically inserting advertising within the podcast. 64% of listeners are annoyed by advertisements when playing an episode, being a less invasive strategy and, sometimes more personal, to integrate the mention of a product or brand within the episode.

The Branded Podcast is a strategy in which brands can develop creativity, linking their values with those of the podcast. This is done through mentions, reviews or dedicated episodes by the podcaster.

Pre-roll is another alternative. This is synchronised with a banner and link, without interfering with the transmission of the content. With it, we insert the ad before a podcast or digital streaming, the optimum moment where the user has maximum attention.

Also, in the last year, there has been a trend to generate branded podcasts. This corporate content is a strategy for brands to engage their audience and contribute to their community.
At SomosSapiens we know the importance of keeping up to date with the latest trends and knowing how audiences consume in order to always offer strategies of maximum coverage, effectiveness and notoriety to exceed the objectives set and provide a quality service that gives the necessary impulse to the clients who trust us.

Podcast data sources: Spotify, iVoox

Why is it important to have an integrated marketing strategy for your brand?

Getting to know our audience is of great importance to create a relevant experience, generating brand awareness and product recall. With the appearance of new trends, the consumer has become more demanding; we live in a polyhedral world, with multiple scenarios and features that provide us with an infinite number of ad formats to create brand recall in our daily lives.

The importance to generate experiences that include both the physical and digital world has become of great importance, because it is a marketing strategy that embraces both offline and online media, providing pushes from different angles and, as a consequence, bringing recognition at different levels and the long-awaited increase in sales and other objectives that we set ourselves.

 What is an integrated strategy and why we should use it?

An integrated strategy is one that combines various actions at digital and traditional media, in order to obtain greater visibility and achieve the objectives set.

It communicates a unified message to the audience across all advertising channels. By using a diverse media mix for advertising, it has become an excellent strategy to achieve visibility, conversion, and various large-scale objectives.

A more integrated strategy allows us to attract a higher number of potential customers, tailoring our message according to interests and demographics that share common goals.

 If I create a strategy in a single environment, will I get the same results?

No. Using a combined strategy that embraces traditional and digital marketing tactics is the most recommended way to achieve audience engagement. 

Both have their own experience and benefits; between the balance of these, combined with the objectives of the campaign, you will find the ideal way to provide your marketing strategy with greater interaction, because you will have more points of contact to achieve your goals. And no matter how different they may seem; their combination provides a greater value.

Using an integrated strategy allows you to understand the consumer in greater detail, taking into consideration synchronicity and randomness as part of the global perspective of the strategy. Remember that while our consumer might use social media or browse the web, they also take a walk, visit a mall or even take a public bus. It is therefore important to take into perspective all their possible advertising environments.

The value of setting goals: 

As with any online or offline marketing plan, an integrated strategy must set out the objectives and actions, monitoring and analyzing the results.

While the nature of traditional media differs from that for digital media, there are lines of action that can be used to implement a strategy that encompasses both, digital and traditional media, working in collaboration.

An integrated strategy will allow you to obtain a range of possibilities that will allow you to get the maximum benefit for the brand and a different experience for the user, where both worlds come together, both ways of advertising.

In addition, by monitoring campaign metrics, you will have a broad spectrum of locations where you can analyze where you find a point of connection with your audience and where you do not. At SomosSapiens, we know that the merging of conventional advertising and innovative proposals will allow us to create campaigns with maximum coverage, effectiveness, and notoriety. With this, we exceed the objectives and set out our strategies, providing a quality service that gives the necessary impulse to the brands that have placed their trust in us.

We’ve renewed with IDAE

MediaSapiens, we have once again been chosen as the media agency to provide the services of buying space in the media and other advertising media for the dissemination of the campaign of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (IDAE), “The citizen as a key factor in the energy transition”.

The award of this contract, included in the current “Acuerdo Marco 2020” for the management of all institutional advertising campaigns, is one of the highest in amount expected this year, and comes after MediaSapiens has managed to offer the best proposal of all the participating agencies, according to the various technical parameters and evaluation criteria required, both economic and qualitative.

The aim of this campaign is to inform and give visibility to the importance of energy saving by citizens, publicising various plans, lines of action and aid programmes to promote saving, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in the domestic environment.

To this end, the promotion of healthy and safe habits for society and care for the environment will be disseminated in order to achieve the objectives described.

The campaign will run for approximately one and a half. It will have a wide mix of multimedia and digital channels.  It will target the public and professional sectors throughout the country.

MediaSapiens will distribute “The values that bind us together “

MediaSapiens, we have been selected by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation (MINECO) for the diffusion in different advertising media of the campaign “The values that bind us together“.

¿What values bind us together? 

Trust, stability, safety, and profitability are the values as a society that unite us. Values that stand out the new campaign of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation (MINECO).

“The values that bind us together” wants to give visibility to the Treasury’s financial instruments in which retailers and citizens can invest.

This campaign will run until October, targeting the entire Spanish population. The diffusion of these campaigns will consist of a wide mix of multimedia and digital channels, being the fusion between conventional advertising and special and innovative proposals what will allow its maximum coverage, effectiveness and notoriety.

Get to know the Nature Trails of Spain with MediaSapiens

Did you know all the nature trails Spain have? With the “Caminos Naturales” plan, you will be able to know all the variety and quality of these tracks, enjoying amazing experiences where the contact with nature will be the main protagonist.

The “Dirección General del Desarrollo Rural, Innovación y Formación Agroalimentaria”, attached to the Ministerio de Agricultura Pesca y Alimentación (MAPA) has selected MediaSapiens as the media agency to promote the campaign “Conoce la red de caminos naturales en España” (Get to know the network of Natural Trails in Spain).

With this campaign, in addition to publicizing the variety and quality of the Nature Trails Network routes, we’re helping the society to appreciate Spain’s cultural, historical and natural heritage. It also pursues to communicate the benefits of the plan, which seeks to highlight the quality of the routes, the active tourism, the recovery of infrastructure and the generation of jobs at rural areas.

This campaign is aimed to a general audience, with special interest in those who carry out activities in nature and are passionate about rural tourism. It will last approximately four months, starting in June 2023 and, wil be disseminated through conventional media and a wide mix of digital channels.

DGT once again entrusts MediaSapiens with its media campaign

The Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT) again relies on our services to provide advertising space for its next actions, which aim to raise awareness about road safety by 2023 and 2024.  

“Being able to renew with DGT is a source of pride for the entire agency because these are very demanding campaigns that require agile and effective responses to give the best of the team in each action”.   

– Guillermo Hernández, CEO of SomosSapiens

MediaSapiens we have been selected again for the implementation of a new contract for the provision of services for the purchase of space in the media and other advertising media for the institutional advertising campaign of the DGT, called: “Campaign for the dissemination of road safety”, awarded in the last tender launched by the DGT.

The objective of this organization is to make citizens aware of risk factors that influence vehicle driving, in addition to promoting safe behavior in relation to road safety.

This action plan will be distributed throughout the year 2023 and 2024, with emphasis on the traditional periods of displacement, raising awareness among the population about the risk factors on those dates.